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    Our website serves several purposes:

    • It tells you about us if you would like to join us

    • It gives more general information about us

    • It tells you about our concerts upcoming and past

    • At the appropriate times, tickets will be on sale for on-line purchase
    • It has information to help our choir members 
    • It has photographs of the choir

    ​We hope you'll find what you want in it somewhere. If not, please contact us to ask.


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      And the glory of the Lord
      For unto us a child is born
      He trusted in God
      Worthy is the Lamb (inc Amen)

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    Wecan't give you all the Messiah choruses but which is your favourite from these?
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    For unto us a child is born1
    He trusted in God4
    Worthy is the Lamb (inc Amen)6



  • Choir Notices

    Invitation to sing Belshazzar's Feast

    The choir has received an invitation for members to take part in a performance of Walton's Belshazzar's Feast in Durham Cathedral on 15 July. Details are in the Concerts & Other Events page for those wanting to attend the performance. Choir members interested in taking part see in Choir Information

    Sixteen, 20 October

    Tickets have been purchsed for a block booking for The Sixteen's Choral Pigramage concert in Durham Cathedral. Information is here if you'd like to go.

    Cancelled Rehearsals

    If bad weather or anything else, causes a cancellation of choir practice it will be posted here and on Facebook by 6.00pm. If that is a risk, please check here before setting out. 

    If you know someone in the choir who is either not online at all or is not very computer confident, please can you offer to be their 'Telephone Buddy' and confirm that they know of cancelled rehearsals.

    Autumn Term Music

    You can order the music for the Autumn term with the Librarian, Mark Harrison, via this website. See what music we will be singing and let Mark know what you have, what you want to buy and what you will hire by using the link there to the form. Please note you are only informing Mark so he knows the numbers of copies to get. You are not actually paying for them here. 

    Thinking of Joining us?

    If you have just found out about Richmondshire Choral Society or have been doing something else previously, but would now like to sing with us, come and join us. Read more about joining the choir, and come to our rehearsals next term which will start in September or if you are an experienced singer and know Handel's Messiah well, come for the remainder of this term for our concert on 13 May.

    Details of music are in the Choir Members section of the website.  


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