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    Our website serves several purposes:

    • It tells you about us if you would like to join us

    • It gives more general information about us

    • It tells you about our concerts upcoming and past

    • At the appropriate times, tickets will be on sale for on-line purchase
    • It has information to help our choir members 
    • It has photographs of the choir

    ​We hope you'll find what you want in it somewhere. If not, please contact us to ask.

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  • Choir Notices

    Thanks to Richmond Town Council

    Thanks to a generous donation from Richmond Town Council we were able to get the safety steps now required at St Mary's. Full story here.

    New Conductor

    We are delighted to announce that our new Conductor - that is his preferred title - will be Peter Stallworthy. Peter is already a member of the choir having joined the tenor section last November.

    He will officially take office on 1 June, the start of the Richmondshire Choral Society financial year, and commence rehearsals in September for the concert on 8 December. His first duty before then will be to decide, in conjunction with the committee, what will comprise the programme for that event.

    We look forward to working with Peter as a choir. More information about him will be published on the Who's Who in the Choir page in due course.

    Our Next Concert

    Our next concert will be on Saturday 8 December. Details have not yet been finalised but will be published here once they are.

    In the meantime here is a souvenir of our 21 April concert. We have these limited edition mugs made for each concert and give them instead of flowers.

    21 April Concert follow up

    If your music folder is missing its button, see here.

    Thinking of Joining us?

    If you want to sing with us, come and join us. Read more about joining the choir, and come to our rehearsals next term which will start on 10 September.

    Details of music will bein the Choir Members section of the website.  

    Edward's Song Cycle

    If you'd like to support Edward and John Seymour as they cycle and sing on the first weekend in August see the news about them here.

    Other Organisations' Events

    We often get sent posters asking us to publicise concerts or events such as Come and Sing Days organised by other societies. We put the posters on the notice board when we can rather than use Choir Notices time in rehearsals, . You can also find most of them in the Concerts and Other Events section of our website on the Other Organisations' Events page with links where possible to an appropriate web-page on their site. Please note this is just passing on of information, not an endorsement of recommendation, but it is good to support others when we ask them to support us.

    General Choral News

    There are links to News letters from British Choirs on the Net in a page in Choir Members' Information



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