Membership and Music for Autumn 2021

Our concert is planned for Friday, 19 November at 7.30pm in St. Mary's Church, Richmond

The music for November 2021 is:

  • Fantasia on Christmas Carols - Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • In Terra Pax - Gerald Finzi
  • Magnificat - John Rutter

Please complete the form below to let the Librarian know whether you wish to buy or hire, or that you have a copy of your own.

There will be an additional short piece by Mark Harrison but we will publish and print this ourselves. There may be a small charge to cover printing.

With us having to end rehearsals mid-term in March 2020 and therefore being unable to stage the concert for which the music was required, the Music Library contacted us and said there would be no charge for that music. In view of this, our Committee decided that there would be no hire fee for members in Septenber 2021. We will still need to know that you wish to hire so we know how many copies to request from the Library. We will, of course, ask for a few more so that we have spares if needed.

Bulk purchase often enables us to buy at a discount which can be passed on to you or used to earn funds for the choir and will, in any case, save you the postage which can be expensive on single copies. However, there is a minimum number of copies (usually 10) needed for an order to qualify for the bulk purchase discount so we have given the single copy price.

You will need to give your email address so that the Librarian can reply to you if necessary as this message is sent from our website, not your email address.

Are you singing with the choir in September?:*
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