Music for Autumn 2019

The music for September 2019 is Beethoven Mass in C, Bruckner Te Deum and Franck Psalm 150

Please complete the form below to let the Librarian know whether you wish to buy or hire, or that you have a copy of your own.

The prices are £2 per copy to hire or to buy £10 each for the Beethoven and Bruckner and £2 for the Franck

Please Note: We are not able to hire enough copies of the new Novello edition of the Beethoven Mass in C and are therefore having to make use of the older edition, which is not sufficiently compatible with the new edition for rehearsal purposes. This means, in effect, that everyone will have to use the old edition, either hiring them or using their own copies if they have them. The Librarian is willing to buy copies of the New Novello Edition if anyone wants them for their own use, but it will be difficult to use in rehearsals and it will almost certainly be necessary to hire one as well.

Bulk purchase usually enables us to buy at a discount which can be passed on to you or used to earn funds for the choir and will, in any case, save you the postage which can be expensive on single copies.

You will need to give your email address so that the Librarian can reply to you if necessary as this message is sent via our website, not from your email address.

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