Music for September 2018

The music for the December 2018 concert will be as follows:

Vaughan Williams - Towards the unknown region

Lauridsen - Lux Aeterna

Vaughan Williams - Dona nobis pacem

Please complete the form below to let the Librarian know which music you wish to buy, which you wish to hire or whether you have copies of your own.

The prices have now been confirmed by the Librarian (Mark Harrison)

Bulk purchase usually enables us to buy at a discount which can be passed on to you or used to earn funds for the choir and will, in any case, save you the postage which can be expensive on single copies.

Hire copies will depend upon the charge by the relevent library.

You will need to give your email address so that the Librarian can reply to you if necessary as this message is sent from our website, not your email address.

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