Welcome to the Richmondshire Choral Society website

  • Welcome to the Richmondshire Choral Society website

    Our Mission Statement

    Our mission is to enable local people to perform great choral music, both familiar and challenging, supported by a professional conductor and accompanist, while enjoying the physical, mental and social value of belonging to a choir.

    Our website serves several purposes:

    • Tickets are on sale here from TicketSource for our concerts in the six weeks or so before the date
    • It has information to help our choir members 
    • It has photographs of the choir

    ​We hope you'll find what you want in it somewhere. If not, please contact us to ask.

    Spring Term

    This year Richmondshire Choral Society has been honoured with an invitation to sing in the opening concert for this year's Swaledale Festival, its 50th anniversary. We will be singing Handel's Messiahin Ripon Cathedral, joined by the Reeth-based Swale Singers.

    Tickets are now on sale from the Swaledale Festival website.

    Covid measures

    There has been an outbreak of Covid amongst choir members though fortunately it seems to be relatively short-lived (5 - 7 days) and display symptoms similar to a heavy cold. Please do a LFT during the afternoon of choir practice and do not attend if:

    • your test shows positive
    • your test shows negative but you still feel unwell
    • you have some vulnerability that would make it unwise to risk catching an infection

    We will not ask for evidence of your LFT but trust choir members to act responsibly in the interests of all our members.

    We are requiring face coverings when moving around but not during singing. We will be applying spacing between singers so please do not arrive before 7.00pm to give time to arange the seating. If you would prefer to retain your mask for singing that is fine. We are assuming that the vaccination rate of the choir is very nearly, possibly actually, 100%.

    We recommend that you take a Lateral Flow Test earlier in the day but there will be no checks on this.

    Rehearsal time has been shortened and there will be no mid-rehearsal tea break. Please bring a drink if you want one.

    This will, of course, still be subject to government regulations at the time and we are now hopeful that the vaccination programme could mean that the current precautions can be relaxed if not removed completely.

    Please keep checking this page for updates. Although we will send out information by email, we have found that it does not get to all members.


    Choir Members - Please see the information and instructions about our May and June events in the Choir Members' Information page

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    Our polls are just for fun. Nothing is recorded other than the number of people who have made each choice. They will make no difference to the running of the choir, though may indicate a topic that needs to be addressed! (Not the current poll)

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