A bit more about us

Who we are

We are a traditional choral society choir based in the North Yorkshire town of Richmond (the original with that name) There are usually about 60 of us in the choir and we sing a wide range of repertoire from Bach and Handel through to Will Todd, John Rutter and Bob Chilcott etc.

Our members cover a wide age range from teenagers to octogenarians though are predominantly from the 'silver' generation (we have had a centenarian singing with us). However that doesn't mean they are not up for trying something new or being occasionally outrageous. We'd love some more younger members to come and join us. Remember, it's currently 'cool' to join a choir. Older new members are, of course, equally welcome (especially if they sing tenor - the shortage voice in most choirs))

What we do.

We usually give two concerts a year, one in December and the other in the Spring, which can be March, April or May depending upon when Easter falls, and when other local ensembles are performing. 

Our December concert will generally have a serious first set, often one long work, though the music will be chosen specifically to be appropriate for the Advent and Christmas season. We prefer to sing music written specifically for choirs to sing rather than make ours yet another 'jolly carol concert'. We do take part in the annual Christmas Cracker 'jolly carol concert' organised to raise funds for St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington, held in the Dolphin Centre and directed by John Forsyth, MBE. We are one of several local choirs whose members sing in the main chorus for this event.

The Spring concert may be a major work, and in recent years we have sung Haydn's 'Creation' and Brahms' 'A German Requiem' (in English), or it could be several shorter works possibly with a loose theme. In May 2017 we sang Handel's 'Messiah', a four yearly treat. In April 2018 the programme was a Haydn Mass and four short but substantial works by Parry to commemorate the centenary of his death. Our past posters give an idea of the range of our performances.

In May 2021 we will join Reeth-based Swale Singers to perform Handel's Messiah in Ripon Cathedral as the opening event of the 50th annual Swaledale Festival.

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